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lady_maethoriel's Journal

& so we dream on and on
30 July 1990
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about me
My name is Kelly. Maethoriel is Kelly in Elvish. I live in Michigan. I'm 19 and am about to attend Central Michigan University to major in Graphic Design. Music is a big part of my life. In high school I lived for band and choir. Musical season is my favourite season. Screw winter/summer. I spell some words the 'British' way, i.e. favourite, flavour, colour, grey, etc. I don't know why. Your boyfriend < Edward Cullen < my boyfriend. I'm crazy. Easy to get to know. A Leo. Just Me.

Harry Potter. Lord of the Rings. Pirates of the Caribbean. Nip/Tuck. House M.D.. Grey's Anatomy. Lost. Veronica Mars. Psych. Supernatural.

HP. LotR. King Arthur. Transformers. Pride & Prejudice. The Prestige. X-Men. V For Vendetta. Finding Neverland. Van Helsing. Ned Kelly. Troy. The DaVinci Code. Rent. Constantine. The Phantom of the Opera. Just Like Heaven. Anything Disney.

my journal
FRIENDS LOCKED I add pretty much everyone, so don't be shy. Just comment here to let me know you added me so I can friend you back! =]

my graphics
My graphics can be located at livin_for_today. I mostly make only icons, but occasionally banners, headers, tutorials, and maybe resources eventually.

my communities
livin_for_today | hp_lims | good_potcicons

profile, layout, mini icons